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    Dongguan Tutian Precision Mould Co., Ltd. is located in Humen Town, Dongguan, which is known as the "Mold Capital" of the world's factories. The company mainly engages in the processing and manufacturing of precision plastic molds, precision hardware die-cutting molds, precision mechanical parts, and large-scale gantry JG coordinate grinder processing, Makino CNC machining center, PG optical grinding processing, slow-wire wire cutting processing and other professional production and processing. Main processing projects: precision non-standard mold base, hardware die cutting and shearing mold, lens optical mold, lead frame mold, IC packaging mold, LED mold, two-color plastic mold and, the company has high-precision American MOORE, Japanese Makino high-speed CNC, Swiss Charmilles mirror discharge, Swiss HAUSER gantry coordinate grinder, which can process internal and external circular holes, square cavities, tapered holes (taper 10 degrees on one side), special-shaped punches and cavities, with a processing accuracy of less than 0.002mm. The company is equipped with high-precision testing equipment: Swiss three-dimensional, height gauge, ceramic needle gauge block gauge, micrometer, three-point inner diameter gauge, cylinder gauge, two-point inner diameter gauge, Nikon projector, etc. Technology is people-oriented. In addition to high-precision equipment and testing instruments, the company also has highly skilled high-tech personnel and a serious and responsible quality inspection team to conduct comprehensive inspections on factory products to ensure the precision and quality of processed products. Make customers feel at ease and worry-free. And the company's equipment and personnel have a complete and scientific quality management system. Seriousness, responsibility and product quality have won unanimous praise from the industry.
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    Contact QQ: 2501165759 Mobile phone number: 136-0232-9827 Email: Tel: 0769-85341067 Fax: 0769-81504607 Address: Room 102, Building 4, No. 25, Huailin Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province